AGI Infra celebrated Diwali in a magnificent fashion

Diwali Liting and Amazing View Of Jalandhar Heights-2

AGI Infra magnificently celebrated Diwali 2023, illuminating it with a dazzling display of colorful lights. To mark this joyous occasion, an exclusive competition was organized among all the departments of the AGI Infra, showcasing their creativity through various decorations. Each department adorned their respective spaces in unique and captivating ways. Notably, the architecture department stood out by skillfully blending natural and artificial elements to create a truly enchanting ambiance.

Sr. Sukhdev Singh ji Managing Director Of AGI Infra Limited With All AGI Staff
In addition to the departmental decorations, the company spared no effort in adorning its towers and buildings with vibrant arrays of lights.
AGI Account Department

Jalandhar Height-2, in particular, emerged as the focal point of attention, captivating all with its resplendent display. Jalandhar Heights-1, AGI Sky Garden, the company’s esteemed head office, and the illuminated greenery also captivated onlookers, adding to the festive spirit.

Sr. Sukhdev Singh Ji Managing Director Of AGI Infra Limited With Staff

As a gesture of appreciation, the company generously rewarded all its staff members with special Diwali incentive gifts, a day before the festivities. This thoughtful gesture served to further enhance the joy and camaraderie among the AGI Infra family.

Managig Director Of AGI Infra Sr. Sukhdev Singh Ji Giving special Gift On Diwali

Overall, AGI Infra Limited’s celebration of Diwali 2023 was a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and harmonious work environment. The grandeur of the decorations, coupled with the generous incentives, exemplified the company’s dedication to recognizing and valuing its employees.

Head Office of AGI Infra Limited

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