AGI Infra Limited celebrated Baisakhi with great devotion

AGI Infra visakhi Celebration

AGI Infra Limited, a prestigious company in the real estate sector, celebrated Baisakhi Day 2024 in grand style, just like they do every year. The special event took place at the company’s headquarters, AGI Infra Limited, under the guidance of the company’s managing director, Sardar Sukhdev Singh.

The festivities started with a soul-stirring recitation of Rahras Sahib, followed by a mesmerizing Ras Bakhna Kirtan performed by two renowned Kirtani Jathas from the Darbar Sahib. A sea of devotees from Jalandhar Height 1, Jalandhar Height 2, Jalandhar Height 3, and the AGI family came together to revel in the divine music.

The entire venue, including the pandal and Jalandhar Heights-2, was bedecked with vibrant lights and stunning decorations, creating a magical ambiance. As the event drew to a close, heartfelt prayers were offered for the continued success of the company and the well-being of all. To top it all off, a delicious langar was served by Guru, spreading joy and unity among all who attended. It was a day filled with music, spirituality, and togetherness that will be cherished for years to come!

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