AGI started plantation campaign, will plant 5 thousand saplings

A great movement of plantation campaign

AGI Infra Limited started a plantation campaign with that remarkable initiative to transform Jalandhar into a lush and picturesque haven. This awe-inspiring campaign commenced on the 16th of July, 2023. Spearheaded by Mr. Sukhdev Singh, the Managing Director of the company, and Mrs. Salwinderjit Kaur, Director of AGI, along with their son Abhijeet Singh, this campaign aims to plant a multitude of trees. AGI started a plantation campaign the noble endeavor was project director Varinder Singh, his wife Harvinder Kaur, and their son Shanveer Singh, who also contributed by planting saplings. The company has set an ambitious target of planting 5,000 saplings throughout Jalandhar city as part of the ‘Plant a tree’ campaign.

Agi Plantation Campaign

During the inauguration of the campaign at Urbana Jalandhar Heights 2, Mr. Sukhdev Singh made a resolute declaration that AGI Infra Limited would not only plant these saplings but also ensure their proper care. A passionate environmentalist, Mr. Sukhdev Singh emphasized the unfortunate reality that we often neglect the natural world that surrounds us. He lamented the scarcity of individuals who genuinely care for nature and urged us to revere nature as our primary deity. He acknowledged that while nature provides us with everything we need, it does not cater to our insatiable greed.
A Plantation Campaign Movement

Expanding on this notion, Mr. Sukhdev Singh highlighted the omnipresence of natural calamities, such as hurricanes, heatwaves, droughts, floods, snowstorms, volcanoes, and earthquakes, which afflict every corner of the globe. He stressed that safeguarding the earth, air, water, natural vegetation, and other natural resources is the key to preserving the entire universe. It is imperative that we diligently adhere to all possible measures to combat environmental pollution and mitigate the effects of global warming. Our planet Earth is not only our home but also the abode of countless life forms.

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