Smart Homes-2

Cast Inauguration of Smart Homes-2

AGI inaugurated the Cast of the ‘Smart Homes-2’ M and K block

On the previous day, our managing director, Dr. Sardar Sukhdev Singh, inaugurated the Cast of the  Smart Homes 'M and K' block foundation. During the inauguration, all staff members and principal management were present to celebrate this exciting milestone. Smart Home-2 offers 2BHK (1000 Sqft) & 3BHK (1300 Sqft) options, showcasing AGI's commitment to creating luxurious residential spaces. The...

During the meeting with the top management of AGI, the expert came to inspect the project of AGI

Expert arrived from Delhi to inspect the projects of AGI

On 27/06/2023, an expert arrived from Delhi to inspect the projects of AGI Infra Limited. Structure Engineer Sh. Pradit Kulshreshtha of LIVE HOOAH Company arrived from Delhi to inspect various projects of AGI. After reaching here, he inspected the company's undergoing projects for 3 days. During his meticulous inspection, he granted his approval to AGI Sky Villas Ludhiana, AGI Sky Garden Jalandhar, AGI...

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