Expert arrived from Delhi to inspect the projects of AGI

During the meeting with the top management of AGI, the expert came to inspect the project of AGI

On 27/06/2023, an expert arrived from Delhi to inspect the projects of AGI Infra Limited. Structure Engineer Sh. Pradit Kulshreshtha of LIVE HOOAH Company arrived from Delhi to inspect various projects of AGI. After reaching here, he inspected the company’s undergoing projects for 3 days. During his meticulous inspection, he granted his approval to AGI Sky Villas Ludhiana, AGI Sky Garden Jalandhar, AGI Smart Homes-2, and AGI Jalandhar Heights-3 projects. Additionally, he took the time to assess the company’s concrete testing laboratory.

A Meeting Movement
During the meeting experts from Delhi, AGI top management, and the engineering group.

During his inspection, Mr. Kulshreshtha meticulously reviewed the architectural plans, structural designs, and construction techniques employed by AGI Infra Limited. He closely examined the quality of materials used, ensuring that they met the necessary standards and specifications. Mr. Kulshreshtha also conducted thorough checks on the adherence to safety protocols and regulations at each project site. His expertise and attention to detail were evident as he meticulously inspected the foundations, columns, beams, and other structural elements of the buildings. Throughout the inspection process, Mr. Kulshreshtha maintained open lines of communication with the project managers and engineers, providing valuable guidance and suggestions for improvement. His comprehensive evaluation and approval of the projects reflect his confidence in AGI Infra Limited’s commitment to delivering high-quality and structurally sound constructions.

Special meeting with the top management

On the final day of his visit, Mr. Kulshreshtha convened a special meeting with the top management and engineering team of AGI. During this gathering, he imparted valuable insights regarding the devastating impact of earthquakes and storms on tall towers and buildings. Among the distinguished attendees were S. Sukhdev Singh, the Managing Director of the company, and S. Varinder Singh, the Project Director of AGI INFRA LTD.

AGI Management

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