AGI Infra organized cyclothon to spread the message of a drug-free society

AGI Infra Cyclothon

AGI Infra Limited organized a Cyclothon to spread the crucial message of a drug-free society. The event was inaugurated by Sukhdev Singh, the Managing Director of AGI Infra Limited, and Varinder Singh, the Project Director. They kicked off the race by waving the green flag. The primary objective of this Cyclothon was to convey a powerful message to society about the significance of leading a drug-free life.
Agi Cyclothon

Before the commencement of the race, the athletes and participants gathered together to engage in invigorating warm-up exercises. These exercises included a series of yoga asanas, skillfully guided by an experienced yoga practitioner.

The event commenced with the AGI community paying tribute to our nation through the rendition of the National Anthem. The Cyclothon began at the headquarters of AGI Company, Jalandhar Heights-II. The athletes embarked on a journey that encircled the model town of Jalandhar. After conquering the challenging course, the participants triumphantly returned to the starting point.

S. Sukhdev Singh ji MD and others

In a grand finale, the Honorable Managing Director of the Company, Sukhdev Singh, along with the esteemed AGI staff, expressed their gratitude to the Chief Guests and players, honoring them for their participation. Furthermore, AGI Management presented certificates to the participants of the cycle race, acknowledging their remarkable achievements.

AGI Infra Cyclothon Event

The Cyclothon served as a testament to AGI Infra Limited’s unwavering commitment to promoting a drug-free society. It also exemplified their dedication to fostering unity and brotherhood among their staff and community. The event showcased AGI’s unwavering professionalism and determination to make a positive impact on society. AGI Infra Limited’s Cyclothon stands as a testament to its resolute commitment to promoting a healthy and drug-free society.

AGI Infra Limited organized a Cyclothon that serves as a platform for people to connect, and share their passion for cycling. This inspires also Cyclothon others to lead a fit and wholesome life. AGI Infra Limited’s unwavering dedication to this cause is evident through its continuous efforts to create awareness about the importance of physical well-being and the detrimental effects of substance abuse. Through their Cyclothon, AGI Infra Limited is making a significant impact on society by promoting a healthier and happier way of living.

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